Products / Application  
The company has formulated over 50 well-established grades of HMA. The company is engaged in continuous Research and Development with a view to not only maintaining and improving the quality of its products but also in innovation and formulation of new grades of hot melt adhesives to meet the growing demands of its valued customers.
  Automotive Headlights  
We offer a series of hot melt adhesives including PUR for assembling the head lamp and tail lamp of automobiles and motorcycles. They offer excellent air permeability for the bonding of various materials, such as PC, PP, ABS, Acrylate, PI, etc. These hot melt adhesives satisfactorily meet the following market requirements: easy application, air permeability, heat, low temperature, and aging resistance.
  Book Binding  
With a constant focus on improving quality, increasing efficiency and reducing cost, IAPL formulates and supplies adhesives for the book bindery operation. Our products are extensively used by binderies, in the manufacturing of hard cover and soft cover books, magazines, telephone directories, catalogs, puzzles, and various other products.
  Bottle Labelling  
Our products for label pick-up purposes offer good machining, adhesion, and cold resistance. Label pick-up adhesives are mainly used for water and soda bottles made of PET. We also provide adhesives for glass bottles.
  Footwear & Leather goods  
Hot melt adhesive are used for Shoe Uppers and Counter. Hotmelt PSAs offer permanent open time. Shoemaking manufacture can easily assemble shoe components depending upon their own process lines and working paces. PSAs can completely substitute double-sided tapes, and greatly reduces the adhesive application time. Besides that we offer Hotmelt adhesives for Midsoles, Shoe Box making, Boot Reinforcing and last and Insole attachment.
  Glue Sticks  
We offer a variety of hot melt glue sticks for packaging, DIY applications. They are suitable for school handicrafts, electronic parts assembly, and home DIY applications.
Our hot melt adhesives offer very good machining, which can be applied with a slot die or a roll coater. They exhibit good adhesion to cotton and nylon. The unique features are: no residue on fabrics, no sliding and no edge lift. Our adhesives offer excellent spray ability. They form excellent bonding between PE film, super absorbent, and non-woven. Our construction adhesives have great humid resistance, and will not self separation easily due to the swelling of the super absorbent.
IAPL adhesives provide good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including the many difficult-to-bond coatings used in the production of folding cartons designed for sift-proof applications. IAPL provides a range of Hot Melt adhesives for various packaging applications like Carton closing/sealing,Tray forming.
  PSA Labelstock  
IAPL supplies a full range of Hot Melt adhesives that meet the high demands of tape applications, including consumer and medical. IAPL offers a full range of tape and label adhesives that are safe and consistent, and will improve the quality and efficiency of operations, with the best overall value.
  Soap Wrapper Coating  
We provide excellent, cost effective hot melt adhesives for soap wrappers and bubble gum coatings.
  Wood Working  
In the Wood working sector we provide a wide range of Hotmelt adhesives for Edgebanding, profile wrapping, upholstery bonding. Etc.
  Clear case Bonding  

Due to the demand of environment protection standard, traditional plastic box made of PVC is being substituted by environment friendly materials, PP and PET. Our adhesives used for PP and PET cases offer great heat resistance, cold resistance, and high cohesion.

  Misc Grades  
Besides the above application markets, our hot melt adhesives have been successfully applied to several markets, such as handicrafts, cosmetics, ornaments, stationary, albums,filter assembly and mattress. Upon specific requests, we can always design customer orientated products
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